IMIX 800 Professional nutrition blender 1500 W. 1602-100-SM
3,400.00 THB
4,900.00 THB
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เครื่องปั่นน้ำผลไม้ไอมิกซ์ iMix 1500 วัตต์  รุ่นโถปั่นเล็ก 1602-100-SM

IMIX 800 Professional nutrition blender 1500 W. 1602-100-SM-C03
Voltage :
Frequency : 50 HZ.
Power :1500W
Jar : 1 Litres

Color : Blue

Features :
1. Efficient and powerful industrial high-speed motor
2. Double antomatically protective electric ciruit (thermal/current protector)
3. Stainless steel blade
4. High quality food grade tug and rubber cap

Functions :
The blender is equipped with an industrial grade motor with a rotary speed of up to 27,000 rmp.
Dry or wet produce can be quickly and efficiently blended whlie raegaining its origial nutritional value and flavor.
This is a professional hegh speed blender for business or home use.